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concierge plant care

helping others beautify their indoor and outdoor spaces

About Samuel

What began as a hobby is now a passion. My love of caring for plants started simply from buying indoor plants to beautify my living spaces, filter the air in my bedrooms & add color to my patio and back garden. As time went on my passion grew and I now feel I have valuable knowledge for plant care with an emphasis on plants native to California.


My Mission

Help customers beautify their indoor and outdoor spaces with plants native to California


My Vision

Operate a leading landscape design firm focused on transforming yards, gardens & interior spaces into beautiful landscapes using native California plants


"I love to share my passion and knowledge for native California plants with my clients."

- Samuel Gonzalez, Owner

Contact Me

San Leandro, California  |  Tel: 323.313.3359

Thanks for reaching out, we'll get back to you ASAP.

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